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Robert Frost

Robert Frost Frost was one of my first art heroes, a model for wrestling difficult affirmations out of the tragedy of ordinary life. My interest in Frost kicked up a notch when I went to college. One of my professors, Lawrance Thompson, had been chosen by frost as his official biographer, so I was privileged… Read more »

How Long O Lord?

Some years ago my daughter and I had the privilege of visiting the Great Rift Valley in Tanzania. Not far from the millions of wildebeests and zebras migrating across the Serengeti Plain, the Olduvai Gorge museum was occupied that day by a single gentle African supervisor. There were no other tourists. We had this place… Read more »

Winslow Myers

I grew up on the Damariscotta River, where my father had a mail-order lobster business and was one of the first to farm mussels in the river. I was fortunate to encounter the extraordinary Canadian-American painter Walter Murch when I studied painting at Boston University. (A team of scholars and I am preparing a major… Read more »